2019/2020 Partnership work programme

2019/2020 Partnership work programme © Apur

The Paris Urbanism Agency’s work programme is drawn up collaboratively with all its partners. The work involves databases, maps, support and guidance, monitoring, notes and studies. It is always carried out through networking and uses new methods, workshops and “platforms” such as the research platform set up in 2018.

In 2019 and 2020, the work programme will address three objectives:

1/ To enhance “recurring” work, a unifying cornerstone which with its thousands of cross referenced, cartographic and organised data, followed through over long periods of time offers essential, verified and shared information to all the city’s key players: municipalities, institutional key players as well as urbanists, architects, significant number of consultancy firms and AMO (architecture and projects owner associations) as well as new key players, collectives, city dwellers and citizens.  

2/ A reinforced multi-scalar and cross sectional approach : scales already known such as street blocks, neighbourhoods, municipalities, territories, Paris and the Greater Paris Métropole du Grand Paris, Paris, London, will be enlarged, depending on the needs of the task in hand, to include the whole of the dense zone, links between city and countryside and European comparisons. The cross referencing nature of this work and our ability to address both immediate and forward looking issues respond to the needs of public policy makers to be informed and assisted. Many new forms will be proposed, there will be more data visualisation, shared workshops and the publication of notebooks on good practices and common frames of reference.

3/ A deepening of forward looking studies on: 

  • urbanism documents addressing the challenges of a sustainable and inclusive city: How to go from normative planning to inventive planning with a carbon-climate local urbanism plan -PLU-?
  • the development of urban services and their networking; 
  • housing in dense zones with workshops carried out with researchers;
  • public facilities and services in 2030: what will be on offer and in what spaces?
  • new land approaches based on the economy and the enhancement of existing resources including recycling existing stocks; 
  • also the evolution of the society faced with the arrival of new technologies, mobilities, web platforms, etc.


In 2019, Apur will also propose adding 1 to the 8 existing work topic areas  “Accompanying the Olympic and Paralympic Games” devoted particularly to links with the Île-de-France territories and heritage.


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  • Partnership work programme 2019/2020

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