Partnership work programme 2018/2019

Partnership work programme 2018/2019 © Apur

The partnership work programme 2018/2019, drawn up by the Association’s 26 partnership members, backs Apur up in the missions it carries out at both Parisian and a metropolitan level as:

  • a tool at the service of public policies in Paris, by thinking and holding discussions about the future;
  • a platform and assembler for Paris, territorial collectivities and, more broadly, metropolitan key players;
  • a “pathfinder” in the process of setting up the Grand Paris Metropolis while making use of its skills as defined in legislation. 


The debates that took place on November 17th and 18th, 2017, on the occasion of “Apur’s 50th anniversary” and the exchanges which followed at the Planning Committee meeting on November 23rd, have led Apur to give more weight to certain aspects of subjects already under discussion and to become more involved, earlier, in the forward-looking process that is so vital when the influx of data starts to directly affect public policy.

The aspects which have been given more importance include the broadening of future aims for 2030/2050 by means of monitoring social changes, aiming for a city that is more participatory, more inclusive and open to the world (Olympic and Paralympic Games, migrants, social, unifying and circular economies… ), and adaptation to climate change.


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