Partnership work programme 2017/2018

Visual image of the 2017/2018 partnership work programme  © Apur
Apur's 2017/2018 partnership programme voted in by the General Assembly on December 15th, 2016, guarantees that the work undertaken since 2015 will continue and confirms Apur’s role as the producer of data, supporting both Parisian and metropolitan public policy and developing forward-looking  studies on emerging issues.
The programme was drawn up collectively and monitored by all the partners within the framework of the programme committee to which the 23 members of the partnership belong.
Three objectives have been set out for the 2017/2018 work programme:
  1. Extend the main structural orientations of 2016: a wider distribution of maps and data; monitoring territorial changes, in particular those concerning transport; a forward-looking approach to the evolution of major urban services; a better understanding of fundamental changes in society (human metabolism and new economic models).
  2. A forward-looking vision based on predictions of demographic growth: Paris, the Metropolis 2030/2050.
  3. Supporting the new institutional landscape created by the establishment of the Métropole du Grand Paris -Grand Paris Metropolis- on January 1st, 2016 as well as the setting up of territories.
In order to achieve these objectives, Apur will become more involved in projects and will bring all the research and resource teams together under one common drive.
"Research and resources" have been divided into 9 sections each under the leadership of one person and professional skills have been consolidated ensuring both a transversality of approach and the availability of the technical expertise demanded by our work.


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