2020/2021 partnership work programme

The Paris Urbanism Agency’s (Apur) work programme is drawn up with all its partners brought together at the Programme Committee.

2020/2021 partnership work programme © Apur

In 2019, the Agency contributed considerably to knowledge about the entire metropolitan territory at all levels: street blocks, municipalities, territories. Our work methods and tools were diversified through co-development, workshops, data visualisations and fine-tuned by new maps and the publications of toolboxes, guidelines and portraits.

Apart from this knowledge and these methods, the Agency carried out extensive work which forms the basis of a new phase of more inventive and more flexible planning able to address the carbon climate challenges, circular economy and a city that is inclusive and does not consume open ground: works linked to accompanying the SCOT (Territorial Solidarity COherence Plan), PMHH (Metropolitan Housing and Accommodation Plan), PCAEM (Air Energy Climate Plan) and PLUI (Inter-municipal Local Urbanism Plan), EPTs (Inter-municipal Public Establishments), the carbon climate rules of the PLU (Local Urbanism Plan), studies on real estate transformations, in areas around the GPE (Grand Paris Express) station neighbourhoods, the evolution of facilities and public services, the analysis of forms of mobility linked to ZFE (Low Emission Zones) and increasingly detailed knowledge about the evolution of the society.

The Agency, a place for enriching and sharing knowledge

  • data for following and assessing the efficiency of policies in support of a sustainable city, the preparation of carbon climate, circular economy databases; 
  • the publication of booklets on good practices and common frames of reference;
  • the consolidation of observatories of the living environment, housing, families, the disabled as well as innovative structures and the evolution of employment;
  • European comparisons.

The Agency “a trusted third party”
As host of workshops carried out in relationship to already familiar areas, the River Seine, the Périphérique ring road, inter-municipal workshops while accompanying communes, regions and the Greater Paris -Métropole du Grand Paris-, workshops to be set up in station neighbourhoods and the Grand Orly, and still others in response to needs and expectations, for example, city-country links.

The Agency, a place for forward looking thinking 
7 challenges for 2020/2021:

  • to prepare the carbon climate PLU (Local Urbanism Plans), to start work on the energy-climate OAP (Development Guidelines and Programme) and the Paris PLU;
  • to contribute to an integrated and sustainable approach for energy networks and urban services;
  • to reveal land constraints and landholding possibilities in regards to transformations underway: the arrival of the GPE, the Olympic Games, the needs linked to natural spaces, facilities, the economy and the enhancement and recycling of existing resources, needs in connection with the consummation of natural, agricultural and wooded spaces, the increase in the percentage of open ground and compensation possibilities;
  • to anticipate changes in mobility;
  • to accompany the renewal of housing and accommodation policies;
  • to develop awareness of evolutions within society, ways of life, employment faced with the arrival of new technologies, mobilities, web platforms, needs for facilities and services;
  • to contribute to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games legacy.


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  • 2020/2021 Partnership work programme

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