The Historical Maps

This interactive map offers an opportunity to travel through the centuries by superimposing old, geo-referenced plans and maps with geographical reference data (administrative boundaries, roads, metro lines, registered land holdings, built-up land plots, addresses).

Extract of Cassini Map (1756)

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By navigating interactively and intuitively through the “layers” it is possible to consult and see very precise details of present day land plots, public facilities and roads in Paris and the Metropolis in historical depth from the Cassini Map (1756) to the City of Paris 2009 administrative maps  with along the way the Abbé de la Grive (1740), the Emperor’s Hunting Map (1764), the Atlas of the Seine (1855), the Paris Land Registry of each land plot and the Vasserot Map (1820-1836).

The sources are the following:

  • 2009 Administrative Map of Paris, City of Paris
  • Abbé de la Grive Map (1740), Paris National Museums - Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN)-
  • Cassini Map (1756), Emperor’s Hunting Map (1764), Atlas of the Seine (1855)
  • The Ordnance Survey Map -Carte Etat-major- (1820-1866)
  • Vasserot Map (1820-1836), ALPAGE


Nota: this application was previously called “CASSINI: Historical Maps”


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